Herman Smorenburg

The catalogue of the successful exhibition ONBEGRENSD VERBEELDEN in the Slot Zeist (Holland- 2008). The exposition showed almost thirty paintings of Herman Smorenburg and René Zwaga from the Van Soest Collection.

The catalogue contains high quality photographs including details of all exhibited works.

Author: Merel van den Nieuwenhof

Foreword: Guus van den Hout.

Language: Dutch 70 pages Format: 22,5 x 22,5 cm

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In november 2014 some of my recent paintings will be on show during the international exhibition " Fantastic Art - Imaginaire 7 " in Lindholm Castle, Skibby, Danmark.

Participating artist are among others: David M. Bowers USA, Steven Kenny USA, Michiel Hiep NL, Gil Bruvel USA, Igor Grechanyk UA, Claus Brusen DK and José Parra MX.

A catalogue with high quality photographs of the participating artists will be published and presented during the show. Soon to be ordered on this website also.

For further information: www.fantasmus.com

The Van Soest Collection consists of over 600 paintings, 50 sculptures, and about 500 prints and drawings. In all, they represent the work of over 70 painters from Europe and the United States.

The collection includes paintings by such major artists as Zdislaw Beksinsky, Andre Martins de Barros, Giorgio de Chirico, Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger, Andrew Gonzales, Igor Grechanyk, Peter Gric, Michael Hiep, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Johfra, Oleg Korolev, Joop Moesman, Viktor Safonkin, Herman Smorenburg, Robert Venosa and René Zwaga.

The common element in this rich collection is the style: Fantastic Realism. Central to all these works is a realistic representation, but in each case this is combined with fantastic motifs from mythology, religion, and the world of our dreams and desires – an infinite wealth of visual images coupled with superior artistic technique.

Rardy van Soest (b. 1947) began his collection in about 1990 with the purchase of paintings by Johfra. Fascinated by his surrealist realism and curious to see other interpretations, he began to look for other artists – painters, sculptors, and graphic artists – both at home and abroad, seeking them out in their studios, developing friendships, inspiring them through debate and discussion, and buying their works.

Hard Cover Art Book

Full colour high quality photography

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Johfra’s art heritage has never before been presented in this way. This book is the perfect introduction to his life and art. The text is mainly by the hand of Johfra himself: for many years he wrote faithfully down his thoughts about art, philosophy and everyday life.

The result shows a penetrating insight into his inner life. This combination of fragments of his diary with pictures of paintings and drawings makes this book a unique document.

Hard cover Art book

Language: Dutch

Format: 23/30 cm

Pages: 510

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