Herman Smorenburg

In the past few years my paintings have tended to express more sobriety in composition and colour palette. More emphasis has been given to atmosphere and the emotional content of the image. It has become increasingly clear that anything expressed in excess results in the loss of  expressiveness. Also the elements of light and shade and the subtleness of careful and restricted colour variations have become important items in image creation.

evening mood thumbincantation thumbthe waiting thumbremembrance thumbthe discovery thumbspirit of the forest thumbjourney home thumbthe gift thumbspirit bird thumbmoonlight secret thumbdiscovery thumbthe preparation thumbthe meeting thumbrevelation thumbthe vision of mortal life thumbthe initiation thumbinto the light thumbspirit bird2 thumbdreams of infinity thumbwhispers from eternity thumbawakening thumbsophia thumb

The emphasis on quietude and solitude, clearly a romantic attitude, remains and will possibly continue to be a recurring theme in my future work.