Herman Smorenburg

Since 2010 the familiar themes have continued to inspire my work: solitude, nature and the sense of the mysterious.

Source of Life DestinyAutumn into winter And so to dream vanthielen thumb deheem thumb dreams of evanescence thumbmysteries of the sea thumbjourney home 2 thumbcastles in the air thumbnightbird thumbthe traveller thumbthe seer thumbon the border thumbthe seer 2 thumbliberation scan thumbabel and benjamin thumbdijion and zoe thumbheda likes cheese thumbmorningsilence thumbwhispers from eternity 2 thumb

Obviously the romantic spirit has become too much a part of my artistic universe to be denied. With one remarkable exception: the humorous interpretation of the great painting by the seventeenth century artist Willem Claeszoon Heda. But in this case the painting was commissioned by an art dealer who intended it to be a humorous gift to an Old Amsterdam cheese-loving client who recently bought the original work!