Herman Smorenburg

Whispers from eternity 2

In my the painting Whispers from Eternity a young woman symbolises the inward soul. She is enclosed by a transparent shell which, by protecting the woman’s vulnerability and inner silence against disturbing and harmful influences from the outside world, enables her to be aware of the secret messages of the world within. The hand covering her ear also indicates protection against noise and disturbances. Behind the girl is the waxing moon, the feminine symbol of receptivity and intuition; two conditions essential for opening the ‘eyes of the soul’. The young woman’s attention is directed towards her inner voice of silence, its echoes discernible in the gentle rhythms of the sea and in the unfathomable spaces behind the stars…

This painting is a remake of a former edition. I made changes in the colouring and changed certain details.


The seer

The penetrating gaze of a bird of prey symbolizing the visionary mind of the true seer… Ascending the heights of the majestic mountain peak of consciousness, rising above clouds of ignorance, the seer is aware of subtle realities inaccessible to the ordinary mind. The crystals reflecting the light symbolize the transparent quality of such a heightened state of awareness. Maybe the comet in the sky is an indication of new and amazing things to expect or at least to hope for?


Mystery of the sea

This image was inspired by the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales. The dreamy female figure with the shell, the ancient cliffs and sea as well as the play of light on water, weeds and rock formations together weave the mysterious Celtic spirit which is characteristic of this painting.



Inspired by the dreamy atmosphere in the paintings of the Romantics, specifically the nineteenth-century Pre-Raphaelites but also perhaps by the twentieth century american artist Maxfield Parrish, this painting just tries to capture something of the beauty and freshness of the early morning light and silence; both further symbolized by the presence of the young girl in the morning of her life.


On the border

An owl seems to stand guard on the pathway to a gate between two worlds: one world of night, shadows and dreamy slumber, the other a world of radiant light, awakening and vision. Perhaps the owl, as a kind of totem, gives wise guidance along the way…?


Cosmic Love

The original painting of the first and most successful poster in the Buddha series released by Aurora Productions Holland. This image is regularly to be found on the internet…

Also for sale as high quality poster (70/50 cm). Contact the artist if interested.


Light descending

The second poster in the Buddha series released by Aurora Productions Holland.